The Gospel: as Performed by Katy Perry

Consider Faith: A Blog on Christian Social Justice

I’ve been reading a lot of “Critical Theory” in preparation for my Doctoral Dissertation. Critical Theory, to give a really quick and crude explanation, essentially tries to understand society by looking at the ways our economy and psychological processing interact to produce culture, art, and personal beliefs. It can be very interesting and at times very boring.

One of the interesting concepts in Critical Theory that philosophers who adhere to this school of thought examine, are the importance of “low-culture” (think pop culture, the Kardashians, Love and Hip Hop, etc.) .To the Critical Theorists “low-culture” rarely serves to teach people anything. Most Critical Theorists believe that “low-culture” keeps society selfish, mean, and overall narcissistic.

I tend to agree with the Critical Theorists. Although I do watch and consume a lot of what can be considered “low-culture” I will consume things arguably considered “high-culture” to balance out my diet and atone…

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