White Privelage; a myth?

Conservative Trudeau

In a society where blanket statements are abundant; Whites and Men are made to feel guilty. Where is the line between feelings and truth?

According to the AFSP, 7 out of 10 suicides in the U.S are commited by Whites.

I myself, a white male; lost the right to free speech and Expression in Canada. I no longer reserve the right to have an opinion if it’s based on Sex, Religion, Gender and Ect.

I applied for the Armed Forces and I was listed behind a First Nations person just because of their skin color. I Infact had more experience in Physical Altercation, Detainment, Apprehensions and De escalation skills than he did just coming off of a reserve.

We no longer live in a society that rewards us for hard work. We live in a society where we judge you based on your skin color.

A civil war was fought…

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