The Folklore Food Blog: Where’s The Babka? A Russian Folktale

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Where’s The Babka?
Once upon a time, there were three old women who wanted a Babka cake to eat. The first one brought an egg and flour, the second one yeast and fruit, and the third one grease and rum.
When the thick batter was done they left it to rise and shared a drink. And as everyone knows youthful drinking is never a problem, but as one ages the effects of drink aren’t always as planned and the three women fell asleep.
When the first woman woke, she saw the mixing bowl tipped over and empty. She woke the second woman. “You got drunk and ate the dough, how could you?”
“Me? It wasn’t me. It had to have been her, look how fat she is.” She replied and got a knife. “I’ll wake the thief.”
“What are you doing?” the third woman said.
The second woman dangled the…

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