Brazil: Government Made Fuel Crisis, 71.3% Of All Gas Stations Have No Fuel




More than 90% of the posts in Minas Gerais are already depleted because of the strike

According to Minaspetro, 71.3% of the establishments surveyed are already totally without fuel

POSTED ON 05/25/18 – 10:53

The situation at the gas stations in Minas Gerais is increasingly critical due to the truck drivers’ standstill. According to a survey carried out by Minaspetro and released on Friday morning, about 93% of the establishments are already depleted because of the strike.

The entity that represents the dealers of fuels in Minas Gerais carried out the survey in 115 positions. 71.3% of them no longer have more than one type of fuel available. Another 21.7% have only one type of product – or alcohol, or gasoline or diesel.

The research also indicates that in about 9.6% of the stations surveyed the remaining fuel will end soon.


The research indicates that the situation is serious in the regions that concentrate the largest number of resales, mainly Belo Horizonte and metropolitan region, South of Minas, Zona da Mata and Triângulo Mineiro.


Approximately 60% of the stations surveyed are supplied by the Gabriel Passos Refinery (Regap), in Betim, which is still blocked by truck drivers and representatives of the Union of Fuel Transporters and Petroleum Derivatives  (Sindtanque) since last Tuesday (22) .

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