Take what life gives, with thanks

Clive Olero


Life is nothing but a phenomenal labyrinth of ironies. Take what it gives you with gratitude. Because no matter how hard it’s to you, to someone somewhere, it’s harder.

The cold season is here again. The weather in Nairobi is getting damn cold by the day, like it is wont to every time like this onwards. Not uncommonly, you will have to get used to people complaining about the cold. In matatus, at places of work, along the streets, everywhere. You will wear heavy clothes around. If you have none, you perhaps are making arrangement to buy a few this weekend. Back at home, you will remind your wife to ensure that your child is always wearing his jacket. Because the doctors say that cold gives birth to pneumonia and sickness is the last thing you want to befall you or your family member. Very well.

In some corner of…

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