Belgium showing signs of pre-Nazi Germany making certain people afraid to show up in public

Jeshuaisten / Jeshuaists

The previous weeks we tried to meet several organisations and individual people to discuss the possibility to have their group made public on the net. Though our talks showed that many of them prefer to stay in the shadow of the unknown carriers of faith.

Our talks brought to light how many are afraid to being pushed in a corner and to receive a label. Lots of people have not forgotten how their family members got bullied and even had to face the most horrible cruelty and death. Most of my family who became victim of the Nazi repression are death now, but from their stories they told me I can also understand we are know facing a very similar situation as in the 1930ies.

Stephen B Jacobs, who has lived in the United States since being liberated from one of the biggest of the Nazi concentration camps established on…

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