Pope’s interest towards India.


India the largest country in South Asia. Well India is secular republic but its majority of population follow and practice Hinduism. Hinduism is worlds oldest and currently 3rd largest religion in the world. From more then 7000 years Hinduism is part of Indian culture (according to many researches based on RamSetu and evidence found in Iran).

But from almost 1000 years India had face huge religious problems and revolutions. The Islam invaded India about 1200 years ago and Christianity came with British and Portuguese rule in India.

According to me India is only country where majority class is oppressed by Minority. There is huge and strong powers in the hands of minority from politics to Media and from media to society. The upper and higher middle class people have no idea about this religious intolerance by Minorities on majority.

Image result for swami vivekananda Hindu yogi – swami Vivekananda.

Not only this even in the…

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