Peace of Mind – The Rules (Intro and Rule 1)


Peace of Mind – The Rules -( Intro & Rule 1)

  1. You can only change yourself not another
  2. Let go of pain immediately
  3. Don’t regurgitate the pain again and again
  4. Learn to see and not see, feel and not feel.
  5. Protect yourself from your automatic triggers
  6. Don’t expect from others, just watch and observe.
  7. Remind yourself to keep your peace each time you get irritated or when your blood starts to boil….

Introduction -Peace of Mind – The Rule

I created these rules as an Instagram post.  I am going to explore these rules over the next few weeks mainly on a Sunday.

Peace of Mind the rules - inst

These rules have been created based on my experience of life, and the tools and methods that I have devised/employed to help me keep it together when things get a bit ….!  The point I wish to make here, is that you can create your own rules…

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