How to control Pakistan?


How to control Pakistan?
Part 1

“In short history of time, Pakistan has become geography synonymous with terror. The quest for land of pure has actually produced “the land of pure terror”. Pakistan is now TERRORISTAN.”

said Eenam gambhir (India UN secretary ).

From the birth of Pakistan (first Islamic republic), its actions towards India were denotative & dangerous. In 1947 the Pakistan planed to attack Kashmir (princely state), and so king of Kashmir decided to join Indian republic. So India defended Kashmir from the Pakistan’s military action. At the end of the war Pakistan had occupy some parts of Kashmir, today Indian administration call that parts as ‘P-O-K'(Pakistan’s occupied Kashmir), but Pakistani government describe this parts of Kashmir as azaad Kashmir.  (azaad means independent)

About in last 70 years these two nations are fighting with each other. Even after losing five wars with India Pakistan is not ready to…

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