The creation of the problem – Pakistan.


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After the long freedom struggle of Indian’s, they got independence on 15/AUG/1947 but before leaving India British divided United India. As a result the new country into existence PAKISTAN.

But, why British created Pakistan ?

On 15/April/1945  the soviet army arrived into Berlin, the reason for this arrival is interesting. Actually soviets were desired to take control on German Nuclear Program in the kaiser wihelm institute first of all before the America .

The other allied nations like America and Britain were shocked by this action of USSR and later this soviet action was one of the reason of cold war. At that time American British forces were not sufficient to reach Berlin before soviets, because America was busy for liberation of Paris and on 5/ may  British forces were in west about 1500 mile away from the Berlin. Very soon soviets army entered in Iran, And they established two…

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