The Savior


Death could not contain Him
Grave could not hinder Him
From fulfilling God’s plan

Devil tried to seduce Him
To drink not, the cup of Crucifixion
Tempting Him to bow before him

The Savior did not sway
From the heavenly purpose
Judas’ kiss did not lessen His love

Peter’s denial He forgave
His sword the Lord did not receive
Gladly carried the Cross on His back

He was lashed, spitted upon
Hated, mocked for their transgressions
He was rejected by His own

The Ruler of heaven and earth
Was nailed on the Cross of Calvary
A crown of thorns adorning Him

His clothes were gambled away
Betrayed was He, for thirty silvers
Yet He answered them not

O come and worship
Bow down before the Risen Savior
The Mighty Son of Man

The only Begotten Son of God is He
Sitting beside His Father’s throne
Interceding for His beloved people

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