Cop Caught On Video “Seizing” (more like stealing) Money From Hotdog Vendor At Football Game!

Fighting to end the War on Drugs and reform the way our country deals with those who have paid their debt to society!

Here’s a link to the original news story…my tirade begins just below that!

Over $70K Raised for Vendor After Police Seize His Money | NBC Chicago

This infuriates me!! This is the second story within the last week or so I have heard about police going way over the line with ordinary non-criminal people just doing their jobs. The first story was about that nurse that refused to draw blood from an unconscious man being roughed up and arrested for doing her job and following the hospital’s policy… And now this!

This poor guy was literally selling hotdogs at a football game just trying to earn an honest living to support his family. The officer had been in the area for some time and there were several other Street vendors in the area as well but apparently the officer decided he was just going to pick on this guy…

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