Prompt: Rivulet

Tektite Tears

I’ve traveled through cyberspace;

thousands gravitated towards me,

but I towards nothing

in that endless, dark sea.

Not sure what I was looking for

or why I was there,

but then you passed by

and everything became clear.

You, my only gravitational pull.

I traveled on foot

hiking hills and plains

searching for answers,

but none ever came

until I stumbled upon

this rivulet

so clearly calling

and followed it.

It led me to you.

Space, land, or water,

no matter the course,

you keep ending up


pulling me

towards you.

I will keep turning away though

to respect your space,

stay off your land,

lurk not in your waters

until I’m invited.

If I ever am.

Until you plough the land

and set up a place for me,

and replace your kayak

with a canoe, so we

can explore the river


~Tektite Tears

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