Faris Adnon: ‘The Kite Maker’


Iraqi author Faris Adnon, who now lives in the US, has translated his short story about kite-making, childhood, and power:

The Kite Maker

By Faris Adnon

Gazibia Sirry: The Kite
Plate 23 from “Gazbia Sirry: Lust for Color” edited by Musi Saad El-Din, 1998, The American University in Cairo Press

Once upon a time during my childhood, there was a Kurdish boy who lived among us, and he made kites that filled the town’s sky with color and magic.  The boy was called Hasson. To this day, I don’t know whether this was his real name. Probably he’s like most of the kids in my town, who have their official names only in government papers and use nicknames at home or in the streets. Who cares? He used to make exceptional kites, and we bought them from him without having to spend our entire daily allowances. He was creative in…

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