Journey to Belize: Dr. Harmsen

The Jaguar

This post continues the retelling of my 2017 trip to Belize: participating in an archaeology field school and learning about jaguar conservation.

A large part of June 23, 2017 was spent at the University of Belize’s central campus: where Panthera Belize is headquartered.

As I wrote in the previous Belize post, on June 23 I was finally able to meet with Dr. Bart Harmsen of Panthera Belize. Dr. Harmsen is one of the foremost authorities on jaguars in Belize, and being able to speak with him was a huge boon. Unfortunately, our conversation did not start off well.

When I arrived at Panthera Belize’s office, Yahaira was there again. She remarked that they had expected me yesterday. This was news to me, since I had not received any communications from them. When Dr. Harmsen arrived, he confirmed that he had sent me an email asking to…

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