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"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

This is the latest Guest Post from gpcox all about the vehicles in service during World War II and a little about what the American Family had to sacrifice back home.

When Making a Car Was Illegal

After Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt ordered all car manufacturers to cease the production of private automobiles and convert the factories to produce military

Utility Truck Utility Truck

vehicles, weaponry, airplane engines, parts, etc.  But, this would not put an end to man’s love affair with the automobile.  A car manual became priceless to a private owner and a truck manual was an absolute necessity for a farmer or businessman.  With the rationing of gasoline in the U.S., the “National Victory Speed” was 35 mph and driving clubs were encouraged. (Our modern day car-pools).

Automobiles were produced in massive quantities before the Great Depression and this brought the price down considerably.  Then, the stock market crashed…

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2 thoughts on “Guest Post – When Making A Car Was Illegal – GPCox

  1. oldpoet56 – Thank you for the re-blog and helping to spread the information both GPCox and I share about life during the 1940’s. It’s a time in our history that is quickly being forgotten.


    1. Thank you, and you are welcome. I agree with you about the 30’s and the 40’s being forgotten and that is a shame because of what this generation lived through. I seems that history in the minds of most people in this country only goes back to the mid to late 1960’s. I believe that America didn’t wake up to reality until after the NSA murdered President Kennedy in November of 1963. What I am saying is that it seems that pretty much everything before this is being forgotten.


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