Top 3 Must Do’s to E Bicycle to Prolong Life

Being Human E Cycle

Being human bh27 e cycle has gained popularity among the masses owing to the tremendous functionality that these have to offer. The best E Cycle dealer in Delhi will also give you certain tips prior to selling you the e-bike that will help prolong the life of your e-bike. Here are the top 3 must do’s to E bicycle to prolong life.

Regenerative braking feature

There are a few e-bikes out there that possess the regenerative braking feature. This implies that it converts the motor into a generator so that it can act like a brake. It further helps to put a decent charge back into the battery of your e-bike. Ideally, it is the sensor that activates the same on one of the brake levers which in most of the cases is the rear brake lever. The amount of energy that is eventually recaptured with the help of the…

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