Israel And Peace: Is Not Even Possible

Israel And Peace: Is Not Even Possible

(Folks I wrote this article on June 6th of 2016, please read this article and then tell me if the on the ground issues in the Holy Land have honestly gotten any better.)

Yesterday I read a couple of different news articles on-line where the President of the Palestinian Authority Mr. Abbas said that “the Palestinian people will not settle for anything less than an independent state with East Jerusalem as their capital.” He also said that Israel would “have to return to the 1967 borders that existed before the “6 day war”.  Considering that Israel made a huge mistake in letting these people have the Gaza Strip and the West Bank in August of 2005 in what was dubbed by PM Areal Sharon of Israel as a ‘land for peace’ deal with the Palestinian people was and is a disaster for the people of Israel. On August 10th of 2005 after he had resigned from the government then private citizen Netanyahu called this deal, and I quote “evil”. If a person had any knowledge of the Middle-East and the situation on the ground they would have to have known that all that the then government of Israel had done was to give the people who hate them closer locations in which to continue their attacks upon Israel’s citizens. I wrote at that time that what PM Sharon had done was pure evil because no one and I do mean no one had the authority to give away the land that God Himself had given to the people of Israel. I also wrote at that time that God Himself would punish Mr. Sharon for this evil and that he would pay a terrible price for what he had done. In January of 2006 the PM suffered a massive stroke where he stayed in a coma for 8 years until his death on January 11th, 2014.


Shortly after America elected our current Shiite President in January of 2009 Mr. Obama on his first visit to Israel as our President, without clearing his proclamation with the government of Israel stated publicly that Israel would go back to the borders of the pre six-day war of 1967. President/King Obama was then told by the government of Israel that this was not going to happen thus overtly setting off his hatred for Israels PM and their government that has only grown more intense throughout his 8 yrs in office. In June of 2007 Hamas started a war with the PA and ran them out of the Gaza Strip. Now Israel is having to deal with both the PA in the West Bank and with Hamas in the Gaza Strip everyday. The Obama administration and the U.N. call Israel “the Occupiers” saying that Israel is occupying Palestinian land because of the ground Israel “re-took” in the 6 day war of 1967.


No, the truth is that the Palestinian people and the people of Hamas are on ground that is still owned by Israel and will always be owned by Israel, they are only there by the ignorance of former PM Sharon. Giving land to the people who hate you and want nothing more than for you and all of your people to die is pure insanity. Israel is not ever going to go back to the pre 1967 borders because this land has been the property of Israel since God Himself gave it to them about 3,500 yrs ago when they came up out of Egypt. In the 7th century A.D. the believers of a new religion of hate called Islam butchered their way into domination of all the Middle-East including Israel. In 1948 A.D. by a U.N. agreement the Nation of Israel was reborn although with only a very small sliver of the land that was Biblical Israel. In the 6 day war of 1967 Israel took back another small piece of their land yet they gave a lot of this land to Egypt in 1972 in a deal for peace with Egypt and even this caused the death of Egypt’s President Mr. Sadat by his own military. Folks, there is no such thing as ‘land for peace’ with the PA or with Hamas. I have said for years now that when President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are no longer in office as of January 20th, 2017 that they and all of their families should be forced to spend their next eight years living along the border with Hamas being they love them so much. They keep telling the world how safe it is for the people of Israel to live there, they should have to live there to prove that point.

10 thoughts on “Israel And Peace: Is Not Even Possible

  1. My comment to this post is that the Muslims in general, not just the Arabs and the NP-none Palestinians people can’t be trusted as what they promised you today was not true/good even yesterday. So, as they are not trustable how can we make agreements with them and give them back our soil/land and/or get their commitments. Any kind of peace agreement with the Arabs/Muslims is more a war agreement than peace one. So, as long as they behave their way they will stay where they were/are. Please think of, all Muslims, and get changed for your own sake.


    1. I know that you are correct on this issue. I was/am trying to be as nice as I can here as it is difficult to clump 100% of everyone into any category. I have learned that when a person is a believer of Islam that it is impossible to be comfortable with turning your back toward them. For the purpose of being nice, lets say you make a ‘land deal’ where you let in 3 million, you will be very lucky if you could honestly find one thousand whose word or actions you could ever trust, and that is an extremely lousy reality. When you give 3 million some of your land in a ‘peace deal’ at least 2,999,000 still only want to kill you and all of your family. It is a very sad truth.

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        1. There is no solution to Islam except total eradication of the teachings of Islam from the face of the earth, and that isn’t going to happen. As long as there is such a thing as Islam, the teachings of Islam, believers of the teachings of Islam this demonic cancer will only continue to get worse not better. By no means am I saying that the rest of the world should kill all Muslims, Arabs, or Persians, no, that would only level the rest of the world down to where Islam is already at. Racism can not be tolerated anywhere on the planet, but trying our best to eliminate the hate that is Islam has nothing to do with racism. I believe that this cancer will only grow and get much worse, much more violent and that this will be so until the Second Advent of Christ when He and His Angels put a stop to it and casts their leaders straight into Hell.


          1. Shalom oldpoet. why “old” not “young”?.
            No, the Islam is on the track to be dismissed.
            I am not sure who is going to do it, but, so far the world is tired of the Islam and look to solve the (their) problem. Everywhere conflicts start with/by the Muslims. So, It must be finished. In one of my trips to Gahna, I met a group of Muslims. I asked them a couple of questions from the Quran. They didn’t have answers. One girl came out and asked me if I learned the Quran from “Fox news”. I explained her/them that they are too young to understand the complicated situation of the Quran and the Islam in the world. There was a long debate. Finally one of them, I think that he was the leader, raised up and said that the one who knows the Quran in the room was Amir-me. they were listening to my lectire/exercise and they learned that what they learn in schools is not what they need to know. They are studying incitement.
            The problem with the Islam is that there are too many such uneducated lecturers in the Islam. They will learn it in the hard way. It will take time, a long time, The end of the Islam is around the corner, hiding, but it is there.


            1. I hope you are correct about the end of days for Islam, that would be great. The reason for old instead of young is: I am 9 years older than my wife so she kids me about being old. Obviously I am much older than my kids, who are all adults, the youngest one is 25. I am 62 but when I started this blog I was 56. Also, my health is horrible, the doctors say I should have died back around 2002 or 2003, they don’t even know how my heart is still functioning, it gets almost no blood and the left 75% of it doesn’t function at all, it hasn’t for many years. Every day I wake up is a surprise and every night before I go to sleep I thank the Lord for His kindness of another day with my family as I know that each morning I may very well not wake up. These things are why I used the term ‘old poet’ when I started this blog back in September of 2012.

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              1. ll my go0d friend, as you told me the troubles of a young man, let me tell you the problems of an old man. I am, obviously, Israeli Jew. 10 years ago I was hospitalized with 4 cancers. Don’t make a mistake: it was 4 different cancers in 4 different parts of the body. This is the end of the story. The start was that I had another one, one more, Melanoma. So I am a bachelor of 5 cancers. Well, I am 80. My blood pressure is like a youngster 110/80. I travel a lot. Jog 10 KM a day. But, I drink just water, water tap water. Food? the simplest. Vegs and fruits+dairy. Met-from time to time. Fish-a lot. So, every morning I wake up I thank myself for being so edict to simplicity. I don’t need the fancy things. I drive a Mitsubishi although I could allow myself Porch. If you know the Judaism. Everybody that make crimes must compensate it by feasting in “Yom Kippur”. I never, never, never did. If this was the measure-to compensate for crimes by feasting-I should live more 1000 years. I, simply, don’t make crimes. I don’t jump too high that enforces me to lie. I was never in the police. I have no traffic tickets as well as parking. I was sued just once for 500000NIS. Finally, I got from the surer 100000NIS. He sued me fo0r nothing. she was a crook.
                So, keep living the natural life as I do and keep fighting the Islam, and keep supporting Israel as we need billions of people like you as we, Israel;, jews, are the right side in this Muslim/Islam—-Jews/Judaism/Zionism conflict.
                I wish you all the best, my dear friend, and I hope that one day, in 20 years time, we will meet and your health will be improved and become better than mine.
                In friendship


                1. Thank you for your kindness Amir, I am honored to have you as a friend. I to live a very simple life on purpose as others mean more to me than I do. I try very much each and every day to not sin at all. To me, this starts every day after prayers, to make sure I never lie or mislead anyone on anything. Things of this world mean very little to me. I will through my dying breath love and support Israel and her people and will continue to always pray for Her. Israel is the greatest Nation in the history of the world and the most important Nation on the planet. I had hoped one day to visit Israel and to see Jerusalem but that will not be, but I do see a lot of pictures of places throughout the Country and I read a lot of articles about Her and Her People. I hope that you are able to have a great week, stay safe, G-d bless, Shalom.—ted

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                  1. Shalom means peace and we look forward to see/feel it. Israel is really great. One, everyone, must see the miracle. From nothing to blooming state. all this was done in 70 years of hard work, wars, and other problems. I wish you the best and hope that instead of your pessimistic mood, you will recover, like I did, and God will give you a free visit to Israel. If you come here I promise you to host you free. Completely free. all charges on me. I am used to having guests. My wife is the president of FFI, Friendship Force International, in Israel. As such we host many members from all over the world. A month without hosting means a waist. so, you are invited. while you are in Israel I will teach you how to talk to your sickness and take it off.
                    Have another good day. every day there is the following one.
                    In friendship
                    Amir—-in the holy land.


                    1. Amir, you are kind beyond words. I have never checked into it before because I have never traveled before. I had to retire 5 yrs ago because I just couldn’t physically continue anymore. I was a cross country truck driver from 81-2013. I drove all over the lower 48 States of the U.S. and got to go into all of the Provinces of Canada but I probably only went into Canada about 12-15 times total throughout the years. I have been all over the U.S. Mexico border but I never crossed it. I have never been to any other countries. Of all of the countries on earth that I have ever wanted to go to, Israel is at the very top of that very short list. All I have ever done is work ever since I was 13, I was never in a position do do anything except to try to take care of my family. Now that I don’t work I don’t know if my heart would be able to handle a trip. My spine is also messed up from the lightning strike and bumps, jars and twists hurt quite a bit. I know that if I get plane tickets way in advance, get them for non-tourist times of the year and get the flights in the middle of the night that these things are suppose to bring down the cost of the tickets. I will try to see what I can find out. As I said, I have never done any of that stuff so I don’t really even know how to check on things. My adult daughter and her husband travel a lot for work and for pleasure, I think I will call her this evening and see if she can tell me any good tips. There is also the issue that I have an electric wheelchair so I wouldn’t really need a ‘plane seat’. But I would not be able to get on a plane from a tarmac because there would be no way to get up those steps. Lots of things to check out and right now I am totally in the dark on how. It is difficult to except anyone’s help on anything because I have never wanted to be any burden to anyone in anyway so I will need some time to see how much the ticket is and to try to get some money together for my costs to you and your wife while I would be there. I have got to at least try to not cost you or your family anything. Amir my friend, you have turned a light on inside my Soul as I never dared to actually dream that I could one day step a foot onto Israel soil or maybe get to see Jerusalem with my own eyes. In a perfect world I would have loved to have been of pure Hebrew blood, been a member of the IDF trying to protect Her,lived in, died in and been buried in Israeli soil. It has always hurt me that I do not even have one drop of G-d’s Royal Bloodline running through my veins. Thank you so much for your kindness my friend. Shalom


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