The Israeli Qalandiya Checkpoint For Palestinians Into Jerusalem Is A Disgrace To Israel

The Israeli Qalandiya Checkpoint For Palestinians Into Jerusalem Is A Disgrace To Israel


Yesterday I was reading an article in The Times Of Israel about the Qalandiya Checkpoint where thousands of Palestinian men and a small hand full of women go through everyday as they come into Jerusalem to work. The article yesterday stated about the Qalandiya Crossing, and I quote “Considered Israel’s most infamous crossing even on a good day.” I am a person who does care very much about the nation of Israel and I do tend to side with their point of view most of the time, but sometimes, no. This article today is about one of those ‘No’s’.


The Times Of Israel article yesterday showed things, conditions of human rights things as well as Honor things that was a major black-eye to all of Israel. Whether you are Jewish or you are Christian you are strongly encouraged from God’s Scriptures to treat those who hate us with kindness. The pictures in this article yesterday showed and spoke about there only being one un-broken bathroom and it is for women. This is a location where thousands of human-beings go through it each way everyday. O’, and this one ladies restroom, the door was broken off of its hinges and all it had inside the bathroom was a whole in the floor for everyone to pee and s–t into. Folks that is disgusting at every level of the word this is filthy and inhumane. The article said that there was one men’s restroom but it was out-of-order and the door had a pad lock on it. The one functioning restroom has to be used by everyone, think of your daughter or wife having to use the ‘toilet’ in those conditions. There is another inhumane situation at this crossing also that must be quickly addressed, every single water fountain is out-of-order. All people are human-beings even if they hate us and we are obligated to treat them well. If we try to lower other people’s position as fellow human-beings all we really do is lower ourselves in the eyes of the world public and in God’s eyes.

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