Royal Australian Regiment and The Hook

Pacific Paratrooper

2RAR bringing ammo to The Hook 2RAR bringing ammo to The Hook

9 & 10 July 1953 saw the 2nd and 3rd Battalions of the Royal Australian Regiment (RAR) relieving the King’s Regiment at the all too familiar Hook.  The 2nd RAR was given the left forward positions and the 3rd RAR the right flank bordering the Samichon River.  The Chinese defenders were no more than 200 meters from B Company/3RAR, at outposts Green Finger and Ronson.

A lot of work needed to be done at night to repair the bunkers and trenches from the May 1953 fighting.  A Contact Bunker, manned by a corporal and 6 men, situated in the “saddle” of the Hook, was established to connect the C Company of the left flank with the right flank of the 1st US Marine Division.  H Company/3rd Battalion was a 2RAR medium machine-gun position.  This was the Main Line of Resistance (MLR).

Outpost locations at the Hook Outpost locations at…

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