Why Is Telling The Truth Such An Unacceptable Thing To Do These Days?

Why Is Telling The Truth Such An Unacceptable Thing To Do These Days?


Does it bother you that so many people lie so easily today? Does it seem to you that there are people who go out of their way on an issue just so they can tell a lie instead of the truth? Which bothers you the most, when you are being lied to and you know it as the words are being spoken, or when you are lied to but don’t find out about it until later? How about when your own children lie to you, or how about when other people’s children do it to you? Then of course there is the reality of having a spouse whom will lie to you while looking you straight in the eyes, it’s always fun having a spouse like that. How about your neighbor, your boss, co-workers, politicians, or even the evening news anchors, do they ever lie to you/us? Do they lie to us daily? Or do they only lie when they open their mouth?


I have come across some folks in my life who had the opinion that if someone told them something and that answer turned out to be wrong then that meant they were lied to. Being wrong about something, even when you personally believe something to be true when you said it, does not mean that you lied when you spoke, it just means that you were wrong on that issue. How do we ever figure our what truth is when so many lie today using their lies as some kind of stupid childish game? It is easy to say that lairs have no integrity, but, do you ever lie on purpose? If you are a person whom says they are a moral, faithful person, a good Christian, do people know you to be a liar also? If we are a liar, are we really a good person, a faith filled person, a moral person or a real Christian? One of the biggest problems with Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is not that he is a liar, it is that he is a man who lies a lot, on purpose for the means to deceive, as he holds a Bible in his hand and calls himself a Christian. He is the type of “warm water” that Jesus spoke of in Revelation as it is this type of person that Mr. Cruz is that helps in giving all of Christianity, thus Jesus, a bad name.


Truth, or truthfulness by definition means the true actual state of a matter, in other words, 100% truth. Another good definition about truth is that it conforms with fact/reality, something that is verifiable. The word truth as an idiom: reality, fact, actually. When I went to look the word truth up in the index of my KJV Bible the sub-title reads “that which agrees with final reality”. In the Bible verse of John 14:6 Jesus is quoted as saying “I am the truth, and the life: no man can come to the Father but through me”. There is only one real truth and that is the pure truth according to Jesus for He is Truth. If my statements do not agree with the Truth that Jesus has given to all people of the Earth through the Holy Spirit inspired Word of God, then I am either incorrect, or I have lied to you. Personally I don’t think there is anything on this planet that is worth lying about. (I speak this as a broken down old man with few days left so earthly treasures mean little to me) Am I wrong sometimes, of course I am, I’m just a human. But, one thing I will never do is to lie to you here on this blog. What good is any blog that lies to people? What good is a blog that is about Truth, if I would ever mislead you on purpose? When you mislead someone on purpose that is a lie after all isn’t it? I hope for your own Souls sake that you just answered that question with a yes. I don’t remember exactly where I heard it at on the TV last week, but it was on some news program and the male commentator made the statement (I don’t know where or how he could have gotten this information though) that the average person (I believe that he was referring to Americans) lies on average 22 times a day! This is not a question that I had ever thought about so honestly I don’t know if that figure surprises me or not.

9 thoughts on “Why Is Telling The Truth Such An Unacceptable Thing To Do These Days?

  1. You asked a question. The mind controllers always teach group think that you can still trust the mainstream media owned by a selected few to tell the truth. They get to say what is fake news. They program to make you think that if you hear something on the TV News it must be accurate, has been researched thoroughly and proven with evidence. Therefore, if most people lie that many times a day, it’s OK for me to lie several times a day also………My Ex once said to me, “Opa, do you Always have to tell the truth? The word always was emphasized and drawn out. I told him, yes. That way I can always keep my story straight. However with time, sometimes my mind will lie to itself about something in the past to save image or avoid pain or to not face the truth of a matter. The Bible says the truth sets you free and I believe that to be true.
    This comment is my first on WP in several years. My selective memory made me forget I had a WordPress site and had hope of my writings being read. Today Steve Quayle linked to an article on WordPress and I saw Opanice. The group that inspired me to first post here went sour and then to mush. Today I searched for a site on WordPress by the word truth and the first site I went to was OldPoet and liked what I saw and chose this time to plant a seed and begin writing here again. I collect dictionaries and do not believe in coincidences, but the hand of God. In such a time as this, all who care about truth need to raise their voices to send a clear message that we are So tired of being lied to.


    1. Excellent response, I appreciate you taking of your time to make the comment. I am glad that you liked some of the things that you have found on this site and I look forward to reading some of the articles that you post on yours.—oldpoet56


  2. I’m a bit confused: The blog states that “Truth, or truthfulness by definition means the true actual state of a matter, in other words, 100% truth. Another good definition about truth is that it conforms with fact/reality, something that is verifiable.” and then “…Jesus is Truth” because it is the word of ‘God’? If God is not ‘verifiable’, does not ‘conform with fact/reality’ – how do you rectify this dichotomy?


    1. I realize that truth in this sense is like faith. For a person of faith it is looked at as absolute that a Creator exists. One of the troubles with churches and Catholicism is that they constantly limit their own beliefs/faith/God. If you have faith in a Creator, that He exists, then there has to be no restraints on His abilities, His power. There are those who believe in ‘pure good’ just as there are those who believe in ‘pure evil’. Either we worship pure goodness through His kindness, love and truth or we (humans) believe in, worship a ‘God’ of hate and murder. A third option is that we can choose to believe in nothing and simply make ourselves into the position of a god sort of like Kim Jong Un or Donald Trump. We all believe in what ‘pure truth is’ one way or another even if we choose to believe in nothing in the concept that ‘nothing is truth, or everything is truth.)


    1. I agree with you, it is a case of a ‘sad reality’. Thank you very much for the kindness of your visit, I appreciate you taking of your time to stop in and for the kindness of your comment.

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