Islamic Terrorism Is It Just Murderers For Profit: Or Murderers For Allah?

Islamic Terrorism Is It Just Murderers For Profit: Or Murderers For Allah?


In the title I gave you only two options to think about but I would now like to introduce you to a third line of thought, reality is though that there may be many more lines of thought/reality on this issue. What if, it is simply both number one and number two above? What if the teachings of Allah not only gives his followers permission to butcher all non-believers and or believers whom they feel do not ‘believe’ correctly enough, or like Sunni killing Shiite and vise versa, but what if Allah commanded it of his ‘true followers’? What if Allah through his prophet Mohammad teaches and commands these type of actions that we see and hear of daily in our wired world?


On February 10th of 2016 a young woman blew her self up killing at least 58 and permanently scaring many more. What is worse is that this blast happened in a “safe haven” area of Nigeria that had been set up to help protect the people who had been chased out of their home areas by murderers such as the Islamic hate group Boko Haram. I brought this attack to your attention because of it being a woman ‘bomber’. It is sickening but hate groups like Boko Haram even strap bombs onto young children, send them into crowds and detonate them. This evening I will close this article to you with a couple of questions, is it possible that the Islamic religion condones groups like Boko Haram, ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Taliban and their actions? If you are a free-thinker (have a mind of your own) whether you believe that Allah is God, or whether you don’t, we all are going to be effected by the beliefs of those who do? So, just what is Islam if it teaches that groups like Boko Haram and ISIS are justified in their actions? Believers and non-believers need to search our own souls and ask, is ‘this’, the things we see from them, these groups, “the will of Allah”? If so, what makes you think He is a God and not the Devil Himself? I’m just saying, think for yourself, think!

6 thoughts on “Islamic Terrorism Is It Just Murderers For Profit: Or Murderers For Allah?

    1. Yep, I agree with you on this. Just as I believe that George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld are war criminals because of the invasion of Iraq. There has always been a lot of’state sponsored’ terrorism. For the people who believe in Islam, if they really want all of this fundamentalist Islamic terrorism to end then it is they themselves that must stop it, they are the only ones who can. Until they do exactly that the teachings of Islam are going to be blamed for all of this bloodshed.

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      1. Unfortunately, there will always be people who can be manipulated or who can be bought (financially speaking: for their family, etc.), lifelong prisoners who are promised mount and marvel, the mentally ill, the fanatics who have not understood anything. In short, the list is long.

        Sorry if it’s poorly written but I use Google Translate.


        1. Not a problem at all. I appreciate you taking of your time to give me feedback via your thoughts on things that I have written. I often try to be a little bit controversial in some of what I write, I want people to comment whether they agree with me or not. I like to get conversations going with folks, that is a good way for others and myself to see outside our own personal box. I try to learn from what people say to me every day. I know that I don’t know everything, but I am trying to learn as much about other cultures and ideas as I can. Thanks again for taking the time to talk with me, I appreciate you.

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