What is next?

The Goomba Gazette

Putin declares US-led strike on Syria an ‘act of aggression,’ others in Moscow issue warnings

Batten down the hatches folks; there may be some very rough seas ahead.

It is a very complex/demanding/thankless position to be in, when the USA has taken on the duty as the care-taker and watch- dog for the world.

Many years ago, the USA took on the unenviable role of being the BIG BROTHER, caretaker and banker of the world. Why we ask? Much of it was political, criminal, compassion played a role and a multitude of other circumstances.

Be that as it may; the USA has been dubbed/knighted the Big Brother and the go-to-country wherever there is a dilemma. That role has cost of trillions of dollar$ and 100’s of 1,000’s of lives. Much of what we have suffered for other people/countries has gone unappreciated and EXPECTED as a given when their chips are…

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