If You Are Poor And Can’t Support Yourself; Why Should You Be Allowed To Live?

If You Are Poor And Can’t Support Yourself; Why Should You Be Allowed To Live?


Playing the part of the devils advocate in this piece, all for the purpose of getting people to think deeper than the everyday surface that we see in our daily lives and to look at the bigger pictures in life itself.

Several months ago I wrote an article that was about world food supplies concerning an ever-growing world population. As we speak there are about 7.1 billion human mouths to feed here on the planet Earth. Fifty years ago the world could not have fed the current population, the shortfall would have been by at least a couple of billion mouths. If by the year 2050 there are ten billion people, will we as a human society be able to feed them all? What if they can’t, then what? There are thousands of people who die everyday on this globe because they did not have the food and or water they need to survive. There are millions of people right here in America that go hungry everyday, men, women, children, old folks. It is a national disgrace that this country has millions of people who are homeless and hungry, there is no excuse for this except pure greed and ego’s. Greed, that is an obvious answer, but ego’s? One of the sad lessons that I have learned during my years is that most people here in the States seem to look down upon anyone who has less than they themselves do. When a person has a problem in their life where they have a problem with their finances and they lose their car or their home many people mock them behind their backs and belittle them to their faces, and on places like Facebook. Brotherly love, where is it? Christian love? Multi-million dollar Church buildings that are financed on the backs of the very poorest, or in a community that is very poor, is a disgrace to the teachings of Jesus.


Now for the Devils Advocate part of this post. If I were a very wealthy person whether I be worth many millions or even worth billions, why should I have to give any of my money, my resources, to help the poor, uneducated, and untrained? Why should I have to take fewer profits just to give to those to sorry or to ignorant or to disabled to be able to support themselves? When there are ten billion children with let us say about three billion adults but technology has made it to where there are only two billion jobs with only about one billion that actually pays a living wage, why should I give a flip about all these lowlife peasants? Why should the top one-per-centers be forced to lower their life styles and give to the bottom rungs of society? Why feed the garbage, just let them die so they can get the heck off my planet sooner!


Is it my fault that ten percent of the people in my county are unemployed and another forty percent are underemployed? Well, if I am a business owner or an executive with an international company and my total earnings are leveled off at lets say five times the amount of my bottom scale I pay my employees, maybe then I would care about what my lowly scumbag employees make. Why should I have to give any of my money to the welfare system? If these people are to lazy or broken down to go earn their own living why the heck should I care if these people starve or freeze to death, they are not my responsibility? As an example, if the planet can only sustain five billion humans then why is it wrong for those of us who are energetic and have been successful in our lives to go forward with the eradication of the lowlife scum on this planet whom are not pulling their own weight?–Remember, Devils Advocate. Folks, if you honestly believe that there aren’t millions of people who think this way then I believe that you are clueless to reality.

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