Will Churches And Parents Ever Quit Lying To Children About Christmas?

Will Churches And Parents Ever Quit Lying To Children About Christmas?


This post today is about one main issue; Santa Clause. I am not saying that all parents, Christian or not, lie too their children and tell them that there is really a Santa and flying Reindeer. But at least here in America it does seem that this fantasy is one that is easy to go along with when your children are in the 3, 4, 5-year-old range. But, there reaches a point with every child where they find out that Mom and Dad have been lying to them all of their life. Why, why do so many parents ‘just go along with this’ until we reach a point where our kids are going to realize that Mom and Dad will lie to you because they have proven themselves to be liars. I have heard people a few times in my life say ‘not to ruin Christmas’ for the young kids by telling them that there is no Santa. What do they mean by ‘ruin Christmas’? If you take Santa out of Christmas what would the children have then? How about the truth? Tell your kids the Christmas birth of celebration of a baby child call Jesus. Even if you do not believe in the Christian faith letting your children know what the truth behind the question, why is there such a thing as Christmas? Even if you are Jewish, Islamic, Hindi, Buddhist, or of no faith at all, do you really want one of the first lessons your child learns about you is that you lie to them? Why can’t people just be truthful with each other, is it truly in our DNA to be liars?


In this paragraph I am calling out not just Christian parents but some of the Churches themselves. I have seen and heard first hand of community Churches where even the Pastor is the one who dresses up as Santa for plays inside the Church building. I may be old-fashioned in some of your eyes, but so be it. I know that no one can please everyone, even Jesus was/is hated, so I have learned to only concern myself with trying to please Jesus, then let all of life’s other cards just fall where ever they fall. I personally would like to know how telling our children the ‘Jesus story’ ‘ruins Christmas’? What is wrong with telling your kids that you took a part-time job this fall so that you could have the money to buy your kids a few things extra at Christmas school break? What is wrong with your kids seeing the correlation between how hard Mom and Dad are working so that their kids can have a good Christmas? Is it wrong if our small children learn of the ‘3 wise man’ whom brought gifts to the new-born child as a model for people giving gifts to their own children? Why do so many people whom call themselves Christians have Santa and crew on their front lawns? Why do some Churches do the same? Truth, what is truth? There is only one ‘Truth’, and it is not your version, or mine. We can make-up and say anything, we can call our stories ‘the truth’ if we want to but if we are not telling the actual truth, then the word for us is liars. Now, is Santa real, or is he a lie? What are we telling our children, the truth, or lies?

4 thoughts on “Will Churches And Parents Ever Quit Lying To Children About Christmas?

  1. Is that true “Tell your kids the Christmas birth of celebration of a baby child call Jesus” How anyone know the exact birth date of Jesus? Historically, i don’t think there is any evidence for his exact date of birth. Religions are based on faith not on logic. don’t use it.


    1. I agree with you, there is no way that any person knows the exact day of the birth of Jesus. December 25th is just a day that got picked, there is no way that this is the true date. This reality is also something that should be taught to all the children, and the adults. There was a good line in the first “Crocodile Dundee” show where the main character said that ‘he once asked an Elder, when was he born’ and the Elder said ‘in the summer’. The correlation is that if he wanted to chose a date on which he was born, he could have picked any date and simply said ‘this is the date I have chosen as my birthday’. This is pretty much what was done concerning the birth date of Christ, just a guess. Most scholars that I have read on this issue seem to think that most likely the true date would be somewhere between late March and the end of October. By all the things that I have read I honestly believe that the date was probably sometime in late October.

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    2. Oldpoet56,you are right on and the same can be said for Easter. Santa clause and the Easter bunny are straight from the devil and the pits off hell. you can tell people this, but mothers and grand mothers get fighting mad. A lie is a lie and a lie is meant to deceive and it robs God of his glory.
      James Savage

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