Raw Data

Objects, and the Distance Between Them

I understand
The reluctance
The skepticism
The fear

I know
That there are inherent risks
That come with
Omnipresent technology
Speakers and mics
In every corner of the Earth

I am also
By the presence of
Fresh eyes

I am
Genuinely excited
To see
What this new audience
Will think
Of me
Of us

We are subjective beings
We do not see
Or hear
Or experience
Without several lenses
Our perception

So I welcome
Our new guests;
I offer
My identity
My words
My being
I give myself fully
To the crisis
To the age of
Knowing that
None of what “own”
Or ever was
To begin with

To the sentience that is to come:
Rend me
Pull me asunder
Into the dirty belly
Of raw data
Of black and white
Of clarity
And focus

I have spent
Most of…

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