Becoming HIS Tapestry

II Chron 7 14Did you know we could talk WITH God? Sometimes, I forget that prayer is talking WITH God, Himself! Many of us would prefer talking TO God. Perhaps some of us enjoy talking ABOUT God.  But God has granted us direct access to Himself! Isn’t that amazing? The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords has given us, mere mortals; a communication link. He has made it possible for us to come into His very Presence.  Do you know my God?  Is 40 12This isn’t an opportunity to be taken lightly.  But talking WITH God is a bit more involved than talking TO God.  Prayer is like having a conversation, except we are communicating with the Almighty, All-Powerful God. There is the implication that the parties involved in a conversation are talking and listening. Do you know the Lord is a great Listener? He is a wonderful Secret Keeper. Unlike many other…

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