Artistic Thursday : Madly Insane🐅

Head Full Of Dreams

That’s what we are with our friends. Right? Madly Hopelessly “Insane” with no fear of judgement whatsoever. (Though others might judge you).

But who cares?

I think it is now safe to say that I have a thing for Nature. My previous Artistic posts are mostly paintings of trees and birds and water and the sky. I can never get enough of it. What is not to love? Off late I find myself drawn towards painting a scenery whenever I pick the brush. However that wasn’t the case before.

Since a very young age I would love to draw cartoons(something I picked up from my dad) and that is how I discovered my love for painting in the first place. I used to make handmade cards for mom, dad and sister every year to make them feel special on their birthday. I feel that is the best gift one can…

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