How Much Do I Love Her?

Almost Iowa

My wife yelled from the kitchen, “You took the last of the milk!”

She has accused me of many things but for once she was right.

I quickly explored my options for denial but this was a tough one.  I did indeed drink the last of the milk before slipping the empty carton back into the refrigerator.

It happened during a moment of madness.

I had taken a foray into the forbidden realm of pepperoni pizza and shortly thereafter needed something, anything, to quench the fire. The refrigerator was close, so I went for the milk.

That was on Wednesday.

This was Friday.

I don’t know how things work around your house but around here we have an iron rule that says whoever takes the last of anything, replaces it.  Which explains why a quarter inch of milk had been sloshing around the bottom of the carton for the better…

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6 thoughts on “How Much Do I Love Her?

  1. I have a husband who never finishes a box cookies, cereal etc. I don’t understand, often it isn’t even enough to have a single serving. a mystery?


    1. Did he grow up in a large family? I have ten brothers and sisters and we had an iron law not to finish the last of anything. We also had one bathroom for a family of thirteen – and my father was a plumber. 🙂


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