My Mind’s Womb- Let’s clear the air around Psychology!


I found myself one with the universe, only to find that we live in a multiverse universe.

The field of psychology is currently experiencing a lunar eclipse. Here the illuminating light of the sub-consciousness is occluded by the celestial body of the consciousness, casting an umbra on the process of individuation.

It is hard not to imagine the profession being practiced in some deserted; dimly lit alley where anonymous figures appear and disappear without leaving a trace behind of their stories of success and struggles. Sadly, the medical therapy remains an alien concept for the poor, a waste of resource for the working class and a fad for the rich.

Let us surpass this rule and follow an exception and build some street lights and bring the profession out in the bright day light, Shall we?

Until a few years ago I was intrigued by the concepts of Psychiatry and…

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