A wishful thought

Neha's Blog

As I sit on these icy flights of stairs… Looking through the long windowpanes

The bright pink sun appearing… So unhurriedly from behind the clouds

Oh, how beautiful everything looks…! The cold morning breeze

Oh, how wonderful does it feel!

Millions of tiny pieces of glass… Lay shattered in front of me as I gaze

At them thinking about my broken heart

The long and high mountains… Of the valley so far away

With the clouds hovering above them

Here I sit alone and think of you!

My love, I wish right now I could closely embrace you.

Oh, look! The sun has gone.

Doesn’t want to come out right now

Am I doing something wrong?

But it’s more than love I feel… compassion and adventure I believe

Will you ever be mine? Will you ever come to know?

Should I blame you or me or life?

Or have I…

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