The Best Of Both Worlds🌹

Head Full Of Dreams

If you know that it’s Friday clap your hands 👏 (well for almost half of the world it is). I have been waiting eagerly for this weekend to arrive. I plan on doing absolutely nothing(as usual). I am living with my parents for this month and am absolutely loving the pampered attention.

Though I must confess that my parents and my close friends are getting super suspicious of what I keep typing. Or what is keeping me so much busy these days. (They don’t know yet that I am a Blogger in progress) 😂 I must warn you though. When parents antennas are activated, you’re in high alert zone. They will find out sooner or later. But I intend to keep it this way. It is fun and definitely legal so they have got nothing to worry.

I don’t remember spending such great amount of time with mum and dad…

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