Heart pounding in my chest,
Echoing in the blackened night
Feelings shattering into a hundred brittle pieces
Shaken and beaten the feel of demon claws fresh

I rise fear blazing in my eyes

Dried ash upon my face the only trace
a single tear
Once more terror has grabbed my soul
in a vise like grip
Journeying forever on a long since forgotten trip

Confined in a stalemate state a prisoner of shadows
With magical hands,
No rules undeniably as always
Time stands

That never seems to cease searching for unfamiliar
Each night as the witching hour falls awakened
to fears as the demon calls

Held like a concupiscent lover
in an iron maiden’s embrace
Screams I know only a waste
Stubbornly I try to suppress my torture my test
For the sins of mine for the safety of others

My sense of reality
misshapen thoughts of…

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