Neoplatonism – The one and the many, in more ways than one!

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Plotinus Plotinus – Wikipedia

Neoplatonism is an academic term that scholars, themselves, debate the usefulness of.

We often hear that Neoplatonism builds upon or reinterprets the work of Plato and that the process begins with the philosophical system of Plotinus (205-70 CE).

But some question whether Plotinus’ work differs significantly enough from Plato to justify it being characterized as neo- instead of mere Platonism.

Myself, I’m not in a position to comment, only having a marginal interest from the perspective of the history of ideas. (There are sooo many ideas out there, it is impossible to be an expert on everything).

So how did Plotinus get the ball rolling on all the new (neo) stuff?

His genius was to synthesize Platonic, Aristotelian and Pythagorean ideas into a cosmology that envisions a series of increasingly specific emanations originating from a single metaphysical Source.

The first emanation from the Source is a World Soul, regarded…

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