“I Maimed The Couch And Killed The Pillow”

Everyone Else Has the Best Titles

Some of you may remember this meme.  Of course, it’s a Great Dane…what else would it be?  Scroll down and you’ll see Walter’s latest masterpiece.



He decided the new foam pillow I put on the couch yesterday must be killed.  That pillow was put there to make up for the stuffing he’s removed from the couch.  He’s removed a lot of stuffing over the past few months.  Notice the big tears in the couch and you can’t even see the half of it.  He is unapologetic.


I can almost read his mind:  “Yes I did this for you. That couch has had it in for you for years and that pillow had evil intentions, I just know it!  I maimed the couch and killed the pillow.  I saved you from something horrible!  Aren’t you proud of me?”

In six days I’ll have two of these monsters.  What have I done?

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4 thoughts on ““I Maimed The Couch And Killed The Pillow”

  1. fortunately or unfortunately, when sharing one’s life with a dog or dogs, we soon recognize that they have their likes and dislikes just like we do. I’ve learned, home means comfort.. not magazine perfect rooms. thanks for the smiles


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