A Girl with Thousand Fault. #LifeofAGirl

My Small World

A girl born, no one is happy

A girl crawls, no one seen

A girl walked, no one care


A baby is killed, she was a girl

A girl is trapped, she is responsible

A woman is raped, she is not dressed properly

An old woman has died, she has completed her journey

A Girl

A girl is a queen of her own heart

Her thinking is beyond the world

She is a little bird with large feathers

If she flies one day, no one catches her, no one bound her, no trap her.

If she started to shout then no one can talk in front of her.

She is a fighter, not a loser.

Love her to get back the love

Hate her and she will destroy you.

Care her and she will give you motherly feeling

Harm her she will give you feeling like death

One day…

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