On Fake News, Experimental Reporting And Impartiality

Sarah Bloomberg. Journalist

An average man would lie 200 times a day – or, to put it in less drastic terms, would avoid telling the truth, would attenuate it, distort it, would deceive, tell lies or would simulate “as much as he/she finds possible”. These are the results of the study by John Nicholson from London University, which have recently been divulged by the Neue Zürcher Zeitung. A study welcomed with relief by newsrooms because, implicitly, it eases the position of the media, often accused of being insincere, even if it is not enough to acquit journalism completely of its own shortcomings.

dailyIn Switzerland, in the last few years, numerous cases of falsification and scandals have been discovered. Not only a popular newspaper like the Blick, but also the prestigious NZZ am Sonntag have been involved due to the recent false interview of Lorenz Wolffers with Scott Turow. And how can one…

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