Coming Out As Christian

Hard Times Ministries

Why isn’t coming out as Christian daily big news?  Wow At the day of Pentecost this would have really been big.  It should be big today, but instead we read about everything and everyone else coming out of the closet and I say—it is time for the hidden Christian to come out.

In taking a stand, it’s about an open, honest and public affirmation of our Christian status.  To this effect, there should be nothing hidden nor reserved about our Christian-hood.  Either we are FOR Christ or we are not. It is that simple.

This should be the daily news.  We should be hearing about thousands, millions of Christian coming out into the open about who they are and what we represent.

I can’t think of any other label so important in life as that of being a Christian.  Nor can I avow any stance more important than our status…

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