Wiping your Butt with a Hoop


Maybe I am too thick to understand. The progressives want open borders, higher taxes, less free speech, no guns, free everything.  Open borders ensures an endless supply of cheap labor and a drain on social services yet the unions back the progressives. Higher taxes mean higher prices for goods because the manufacturer is not going to eat that cost. This is what I call the wiping your butt with a hoop syndrome. Costs go up for everything, the public is busy demanding wages go up while calling for more free stuff, while costs go up to compensate. When oil was $40 a barrel gas cost $1.25. Now at $40 a barrel it costs $2.25.  Why?  Because the oil went down after people paid $4.00 a gallon without too much complaint and as soon as it went down again, the feds and local governments upped the taxes to pay for their…

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