Lo, this is our God, we have waited for Him


Luke 2:21, 22, 24-38

Luke 2:21

Jesus signifies “Jehovah the Saviour,” and is the most melodious of all names in the ears of penitent sinners.

Luke 2:22, 24

Our Lord having placed himself, for our sakes, under the law, was obedient to it in all points, thus fulfilling all righteousness on our behalf. The poverty of his parents is showed by their presenting the second poorest offering accepted by the law; there was one offering poorer still, but they were not in abject poverty, that worst distress was reserved for Jesus in his after years, when he would not have where to lay his head. Though he was rich, for our sakes he became poor.

Luke 2:25

He was just before men and devout towards God, and his faith looked steadily forward for the coming of the Messiah, whom those who believingly searched the Scriptures were daily expecting.

Luke 2:35

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