Democrats Solution to Mass Shootings: Let Children Write Our Gun Laws

Sutter Media

Yep, really. When I made that remark on Giffords and questioned her cognitive abilities, questioned whether or not a brain damaged victim of a mass shooting was being exploited by gun control advocates, I thought I was probably hitting below the belt. I really did. Or I guess I hoped I was. But as it turns out my commentary was prophetic:


Democrats and progressives in Congress and Hollywood are quite literally proposing to lower the voting age and, as I write this, are engaging in the exploitation of traumatized children. They’re also setting up marches and rallies, and cherry picking the survivors who agree with their gun control agenda to headline these events. Never mind that practically half of the survivors of this latest mass shooting want to make schools safer, harder to target, and would like to arm the teachers or put armed security in play.

Their opinions aren’t…

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