us law and the bible versus sharia law
The philosophy of law envisioned by our Founding Fathers assumed the existence of self-governance. The idea of self-governance is a term that identifies two things: independence from a Monarch, as well as a religious people capable of policing themselves.

In America we have fewer laws related to sins against one’s self, such as greed, gluttony, cussing, adultery, drinking, laziness and the likes. Philosophically, we have attempted to confine our lawmaking specifically to punishing those who harm others. As damaging as sinning against one’s self is, we have wisely avoided creating a police state to eradicate sins against self.

This is in contrast to the philosophy of Sharia Law, where there is a heavy-handed attempt by the State to
eradicate all sin. But who enjoys living in a police state?

What follows are seven sins against self that are legal in America; but…

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