Magna Carta and Russian nerve …… agents!

Buddha walks into a library ...

The whole world now sees the despicable and dangerous regime run by Putin and the lengths to which they will go to kill any of their own nationals who criticises the Putin regime. The use of the Novichok poison in Salisbury has not only left two Russians in intensive care, as well as a British policeman, but has also resulted in 138 British citizens being monitored having been in close proximity to the discovery at the time.


The irony of it?

It is with a sense of great irony that this took place in Salisbury, an ancient city in Wiltshire we often visit, and only a few miles away from Stonehenge one of the worlds most iconic monuments from prehistoric times. The unnoticed irony is that Salisbury Cathedral houses the Magna Carta, the ancient document underpinning the unwritten constitution of this country, the inspiration for American independence and their constitution!

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