Va Tranquillo…It’s Still Prosecco!

Prosecco Trail

16996417_1357305654331810_3379246527141346823_n-768x487 The elusive town of Prosecco, and birthplace of Glera?

Sometimes Prosecco doesn’t have bubbles. It’s still Prosecco, it’s just still Prosecco. It’s typically called tranquillo and you’d be right to ask, ‘what’s the point of prosecco without fizz?’

Zero-bar tranquillo, first and foremost, is cool because it’s a way to focus on the character of the Glera grape as it was enjoyed for centuries before sparkling wine hit the scene. You pick up on the high acidity and apple flavor that you’ve always known was there, but with a different feeling for how light-bodied, stony and clean it is.

tranquillo Still Prosecco is also called Fermo

Some Gleras, admittedly, taste more like apple juice than others, and all are intense on the fruit flavors. The nicer once are balanced and aromatic with lemon and pear on top of the apple flavors.  The very best come from Valdobbiadene in the…

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