Coyote Mauls Woman and Leaves Her ‘Drenched in Blood,’ Police Say




11:29 AM EDT

(BROOKVILLE, Pa.) — Authorities are on the hunt for a possibly rabid coyote that mauled a Pennsylvania woman, leaving her badly wounded and “drenched in blood.”

Brookville borough police say a night shift employee of an assisted living community was attacked around midnight Sunday while she was walking in the area. The Courier Express reports the animal attacked her from a nearby bush, biting her numerous times.

Brookville Police Chief Vince Markle says the woman was “drenched in blood” and required over 20 stitches and a rabies vaccination. He says the woman may also need reconstructive surgery.

Brookville is about 80 miles (about 130 kilometers) northeast of Pittsburgh.

One thought on “Coyote Mauls Woman and Leaves Her ‘Drenched in Blood,’ Police Say

  1. I’ve had a few run-ins with coyotes. Fortunately, they are usually solitary hunters otherwise they’d pose a greater threat to people. Now that human-coyote interactions are more common, it’s very important for people to understand both how to behave and how they behave.

    1) Never show fear or run away from a coyote. Also, don’t turn your back towards them. This behavior can trigger their predatory instinct.
    2) Don’t look directly into the coyote’s eyes. This will be perceived as a threat and make them angry.
    3) Make yourself look as big and confident as possible. Make a lot of noise. This will likely scare them away.
    4) Coyotes in predation mode will move quickly and purposefully looking for vulnerabilities to exploit and attack.
    5) Coyotes who are simply annoyed or angered by your presence will stand their ground and snarl showing their teeth.
    6) Coyotes acting submissively will lower their tails, ears, and posture.
    7) Never feed, pet, or encourage a coyote.
    8) Protect your children and pets – they are most vulnerable to coyote predation.


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