“Big Data!!”-A new revolution


Hello peeps!! I am up with an article which is the most common hearsay  word these days .

Any guesses..??

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Yayy..!!It’s all about Big Data.

Firstly what is data???Data is information i.e facts and statistics generated out of a process or  a transaction.Data is growing at an amazing rate and also complex in nature.Almost 80% of the data generated is in the form of log files,social media updates and tweets.Only 20% of data can be processed by traditional ways.

Now comes the characteristics of Big Data popularly known as 3Vs.

  • VolumeIt means that huge amount of data is being generated.
  • Varietydata generated is of different types.
  • Velocitydata is being generated at a very high speed.

Now what exactly is this  BIG DATA ??

“Big data is the huge amount of data generated or created by individuals,social media and mostly by the companies.The data generated is…

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