North Korea offers Asylum to Americans who want to “escape” Trump.

Good humor, this should bring you a smile or two.

The New Pork Grimes

With the rising popularity of Kim Jun-Un’ s sister at the Winter Olympic games. North Korea’s Department of Foreign Settlement and Re-education (Immigration Department) has announced that as of Monday February 12th asylum will be offered to Americans looking to migrate and settle in North Korea to escape Trump’s presidency.

Ping Fac-Yu the Head Master General of the Department outlined a process that many Americans immigrating to North Korea would undergo upon arrival.

“First their mobile devices would be confiscated to ensure we prevent any type of cyber bullying”. Then the men would be separated from the women to ensure no sexual harrasment would take place”. We offer complimentary and painless cavity searches and dieting options such as grass eating and one meal a day plans.”

Fac-Yu also stated that women who have “appealing looks” would be transferred to the Kim’s “Pleasure” regiment to begin their servitude as companions for…

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