My Interview with Sir Raghvendra Singh Nain

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I am feeling blessed today, Raghvendra Singh Nain sir is here with me for the interview. We will get to know more about him today. So, let’s start with his introduction.

Raghvendra Singh Nain sir belongs to Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh. He runs a school himself named R.S. Nain Memorial Public School in Moradabad. He is the principal of the same institution. He has done his higher education with English Literature and his B. Ed from DSVV Haridwar. He believes to explore new things. He is the man behind TEAM RAGHAV Anthology and other projects. 

Now, let me start conversation…

1-2 “NOTHING REMAINS THE SAME” – ANTHOLOGY VOLUME 1 [COLLECTION OF STORIES AND POEMS] BY TEAM RAGHAV I:   Sir, introduce me to your recent anthology project.

Raghvendra Sir: Our upcoming anthology “Nothing remains the same” is the collection of the best stories and poems by very talented Writers all…

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