King Tut: ahead of his countrymen in life; and in death.


King Tut or King Tutankhamen is someone the world knows, centuries past his demise. Here is the entire article by A.R. Williams. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC , VOLUME 207, NO. 6. (source: National Geographic ). All credits goes to the National Geographic society.


King Tut Revealed

Modern forensics and high-tech imaging offer new insights into his life—and death.

By A.R. Williams
National Geographic Senior Writer
Photograph by Kenneth Garrett

He was just a teenager when he died. The last heir of a powerful family that had ruled Egypt and its empire for centuries, he was laid to rest laden with gold and eventually forgotten. Since the discovery of his tomb in 1922, the modern world has speculated about what happened to him, with murder the most extreme possibility. Now, leaving his tomb for the first time in almost 80 years, Tut has undergone a CT scan that offers new clues about his…

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