What a wonderful day, 8th March, congratulations to all of you, you have all played your part in this wonderful celebration…it is a global day celebrating social, economics,cultural and political achievements of women world-wide. This wonderful day has been recognised since the early 1900’s, it commemorates the movement of women’s right’s, one of the first dates known for wonderful occasion was on the 28th February in 1909, the date March 8th was suggested by the 1910 International Womans conference, which became the International Womens Day. 

woman 00

It is said that the most successful people started from nothing……..they did’nt wait for the opportunity to knock but created the opportunity on their own………….they worked at it and made history.

There are many women who are,have been and will be always remembered for their wonderful acts in their different fields in life

Woman 1

woman 2

She did indeed, lead with her heart, known as the “Queen of…

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3 thoughts on “INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY………….

    1. I agree with you. When I was in college one of the things that I noticed was the percent of students that were female. Honestly, if a class had 20 students in it, at least 15-17 would be women. I doubt if any class that I ever took had more than %25 males in it. To me it seems that our Nations future will have a huge majority of women in the top management positions.


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